Sunday, April 27, 2014

"Made In..." T-Shirts! Show pride in your birth country!

We have a fun t-shirt we designed to sell to benefit our adoption.
Proceeds will go to help us chip away at the last of our agency fees due when we return from trip 1.

The design is supposed to resemble a passport stamp!

You can choose either of the two colors shown
for any of the countries/continents.
This shirt is for all those adoptive families who have built
their families from around the world and still want
to show pride in their child's birth country/continent.


It is also for everyone who is proud to be an American, Bulgarian,
African, Ukrainian, Russian, Serbian and Chinese (even if you haven't adopted!).

These would be great for family or group reunions and trips this summer, or airport pictures when you bring your child home! Together the blue and red with the white lettering reminds me of the American flag and they represent a united family :)

We can only sell shirts with the countries shown or add any other countries not pictured *IF* we have a minimum of 13 orders per country per size groups (Youth Med-Adult 3XL or YXS-YXL). If we do not meet the minimum, your payment will be refunded.

Orders will be taken from now until May 10th.

Shirts are available in Cobalt Blue or Cardinal Red. Please be sure to specify your color choice when adding shirts to your cart! 100% preshrunk cotton.

Youth sizes:
XS - 4-6 
S - 6-8 
M - 10-12
L - 14-16
XL - 18-20

Please share with your friends and family
and help two children come home to our family!


  1. Mandy, what sizes should I order if Katie is wearing a size 6 shirt and Tommy is wearing a size 7 shirt?

  2. Susanna, they said xs is a 4-6 size and small is a 6-8 size. Thank you :)